Hi! I'm little Miss C.
I am only 6 years old, so this is actually my Grandma's blog and she types my posts for me as I can't spell or type yet. I love art and horses. And ballet! Mostly horses though!!!

Monday, 4 February 2013

My first fussy cut

Ta Da


Another Pony

I have my favourite pony card ever, to show you.
I made it in dark colours so it could be a birthday card for a boy or even for a man.
My Grandma had to fussy cut it out for me cuz that rope is really hard to colour and I went over the edge again. Whoops! I coloured 6 ponies and she cut them all out for me!

The best part of making this card is that my Grandpa bought it from me as soon as he saw it. YAY!

Here is the inside.

I inked the edges of the inside verse with chalk ink. I think I like to use real chalk better..It is easier to wash off your hands. Hey...I can see my Grandma's shadow over part of the verse...lol