Hi! I'm little Miss C.
I am only 6 years old, so this is actually my Grandma's blog and she types my posts for me as I can't spell or type yet. I love art and horses. And ballet! Mostly horses though!!!

Saturday, 6 July 2013


I went to visit my Grandma, Scrappymo at her RV. Grandpa was there too!  I love visiting there but we have to drive a really long time in the car to get there. If we leave right after lunch, we can get there for dinner!

I like it best if Mum stops at the Kamloops Wildlife Park for a break. They have a really old grizzy bear there...he looks sad and a bit lonely. I like to see him and all the other animals. The Birds of Prey Show is really good too.

My little brother likes to go on the train at that Wildlife Park. Did I tell you he is 5 years old now!
The train goes past every animal. It is nice to take the train cuz it gets really, really hot there. Sometimes it feels like an oven door is open!!! The train conductor lets all the kids ring the bell!  My brother loves that part.

I made some cards at the trailer.  My Grandma told me she goes in a challenge when she makes a card with snippets...Grandma says that means making a card with scraps of stuff she already owns...
I think this will be a good contest for me to go in all the time as I only use scraps of my Grandma's stuff. There aren't any stores at the trailer (well, maybe a grocery store and drug store) so we have to use her scraps.
I wonder if they ever give copic pens away for prizes. I am going to make lots of cards if they do!!!

Here is my card. I had the flower on upside down but I fixed it. Grandma showed me how to hold the flower with the tips of my scissors when I set it down. That way I can see what I am doing!. I kept saying pass the tweezers...ooops, I mean scissors:) I cut the pink ribbon paper myself with the fussy cut scissors my Grandma bought for me. They are yellow and they have a little pointy bit that covers the edge (so my brother won't get cut). I am only allowed to use them with Grandma or Mum. Did I tell you that I will be 7 in October? I will be in Grade 2 then.

I wanted to sell this card for my pony fund but Mum said I can't sell them all:(
I think this is a good card for Auntie...Glamour Girl.. Her house is fancy like this card so I am going to show it to her!

I am entering this card in the following challenge
Pixie's Crafty Snippets  - must use snippets. My snippet was the long pink border. I had to cut both ends  to get the edges the same so it would be the same at each side. There is even enough left to make another card!