Hi! I'm little Miss C.
I am only 6 years old, so this is actually my Grandma's blog and she types my posts for me as I can't spell or type yet. I love art and horses. And ballet! Mostly horses though!!!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

My brothers card

My little brother made another card. I don't who it is for cuz he won't tell me! He took one of Grandma's matchbox cards and added a Penny Black stickeroo. That is such a funny word!

Grandma showed him how to stick one corner and pivot (that's another funny word).  It was too hard for him so Grandma stuck the corner and he pivoted it into place. He did good at that! Grandma showed him how to put the words on the snowflake. She punches words out for us and leaves them in my embellishment black bin.

My brother likes his card...I think cuz he likes penguins!. We have a good movie about them.

He is entering this card in the following challenges:
1. Penny Black Saturday Challenge - Glitter and sparkle If you look really closely, the red snowflake is glitter embossed and the image is a PB stickeroo
2.Simon Says Stamp - anything Christmassy
3.Marks Finest Papers Friends of Speedy TV #51 - Happy Holidays
4. Marks Finest Papers Sketch with a Twist Challenge - # 25 Make a Christmas / Holiday card using the sketch

And We're Dashing Again!

I made one more card of that pretty horse drawn sleigh image. This one is for my Great Grandma. She is 87 years old so maybe she rode in a horse drawn sleigh once upon a time. And she lived happily ever after 'cuz she had a horse farm and raised horses. Lots of horses!

I know she will like this card because a horse card would be her second choice after a Baby Jesus card. I hope I get a Baby Jesus stamp in my stocking for Christmas...I asked Santa for card making supplies.

Two boys in my class don't believe in Santa. I told my little brother and we decided that he is real. He always brings us presents so he must be real. I do think maybe is he doesn't have real bones so that he can fit down the chimneys. When he fits down there, I hope he has some new stamps for me and some new copic pens.  Sometimes I don't have enough colours and then I have to wait to finish my image till Grandma comes over with hers.

Here is my card. I did not have to colour this one at all, just chalk the edges. I used something new in this card. My Grandma calls it a border strip. It looks like wax paper but feels like glass. It is the shimmery strip of handwriting under my red ribbon. Do you know how to read handwriting yet? I am not sure what it says because I am still learning to sound out words that are printed. I can read now if the words aren't too hard...if they are I try to sound them out. Some words are really hard though.

I think when you are really old you get to learn handwriting cuz my Mum knows how.

Here is the card for my Great Grandma. I put lots of bling on it so she could see it.l.
My Grandma helped me stamp the inside. The images don't matter if they are crooked cuz you just make sure the die cut is on straight and then it is OK. But the inside of the card is scary...it is so hard to get it straight. She put it where it should go and I pressed it down.

I am putting my card in the following challenges:
1. Pixies Crafty Workshop - Everything on this card is from the snippet bins except the stamp! Even the card base is really old.
2.Simon Says Stamp - Anything Christmassy
3.One Stop Craft Challenge  - A Christmas Carol, Mine is Jingle Bells
4. Penny Black and More at Allsorts  - It's Your Choice, I have my fingers crossed for this one cuz I love the Penny Black stamps, I only have 2 and I love them! I hope I win some of their stamps! They even have some horse stamps too!
5. Marks Finest Papers Friends of Speedy TV - Happy Holidays

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Dashing Through The Snow

I made a Christmas card for my aunt. She loves horses even more that I do! My Grandma says that my aunt is the original Pony Girl!  Her whole house is decorated in an equestrian theme. I love her house and all her horses. 

She has lots of horses to ride. She is a 3 Day Event Rider but it is very hard to find a horse stamp for that.
My Grandma found this horse drawn sleigh instead and I hope she will like it. I had to keep this card quite flat. as it had to be mailed.

I stamped it onto a snippet of  apple greencard stock from my Grandma's scrap bins. The best part was chalking the edges, I love that part! I stamped it all by myself. I had to press really hard all over the stamp. I had to do it twice cuz the first one was smudgy in the middle. It is easier to stamp outlines of images!

Card - Ivory card and envelope package from Dollarama, My Mum bought them for me
Card Stock - Brown shimmery card stock - Grandma's snippet bin
                   - Apple green card stock from Grandma's snippet bin
                   -  Ivory shimmer card stock from Grandma's snippet bin    
Bling - red diamonds from Dollarama
Die - Spellbinders Fleur de Lis  Squares
Stamp - not sure right now, I will update later

I am entering this stamp into the following challenges:
1. Pixies Crafty Workshop - I used snippets from my Grandma's bins
2. Simon Says Stamp - Anything Christmassy
3. Crafty Boots Challenge - Christmas
4. One Stop Craft Challenge - A Christmas Carol - Jingle bells
5. Penny Black and More at Allsorts - It's your choice
6. Marks Finest Papers, Friends of Speedy TV - Happy Holiday, I think my card is for a happy holiday cuz I am always happy when I see a horse, especially at the Christmas holidays.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I didn't forget you! I promise! WOYWW 179

It has been over a  month since I showed you a card. My grandma had to get an operation and so I did not have anyone to type my posts. This card has been sitting on my desk waiting for my Grandma to get better so she could type my post.

I am reading some words now. Mostly words with three letters! I can read a simple book to my Mum now at bedtime...but she still reads me my books with long words that are all about horses.

I did make some cards. I just couldn't show you till now.
Here is my first Christmas card ever. My Grandma does not have any horse Christmas stamps so this was the closest I could get. I love this little reindeer! It was fun to colour but there were lots of tiny areas that were hard. There is a pretty, lacey, kraft lattice piece behind my reindeer. You can just see the edges of it.

My grandma showed me how to tie some twine around my card mat before I glued it down. I stuck glue of the back to keep the twine in place. It was hard to tie...I needed an extra hand so I used my Grandma's finger to hold it in the middle. If she hadn't been over, I would have had to use my brothers finger. YIKES!!!
I can tie a knot but I am still learning to tie a bow.

I am going to give this card to someone special in my family that I love very much.  I want to make more of these cards. I have coloured more of the reindeer images but I don't have any red or green cards to put it on till my Grandma comes to walk me to school next week. It will have been 6 weeks since we made cards and she walked me up the hill. For the next few weeks my Grandpa is going to come with her and he will walk me up the hill. I think he doesn't want her to slip on the leaves.

If you want to see more desks, visit Julie at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.ca/

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I have 2 pictures to share today. I think the first is the best!!!

My Mum doesn't let my face on the internet but she let Grandma put my this part on. The tooth fairy brought me 5 dollars last night!

OK, so now here is my other photo.

I made some cards after school with Grandma. They are the 2 pink and mauve ones on the front left They were so easy cuz they were part of a kit. All I needed was my tape, pop dots and my scissors. My Grandma fussy cut the sentiment for me...I can't cut that carefully yet! The only part that was hard was sliding those leaves in place...they kept trying to slide out...but once Ii stuck the flowers down, they stayed in place.

I'm glad cuz I was tired.

I get really tired after school this year. It is not like Kindergarten at all...In grade one you just learn, learn learn. There is not time to play in class. You just learn all day. After I made cards, I fell asleep!

Go to http://stamping-ground.blogspot.ca/ to see more crafty desks.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


It is time to visit Julia's Blog and look at all the crafty desks.http://stamping-ground.blogspot.ca/
Today, I am showing you the art table in our kitchen. I have to share this table with my brother.

He used to just play with his trains when Grandma and I made cards...now he wants to make cards too cuz he found out how much money I have in my bank account!
Grandma came to walk me to school and  she stayed until school got out so that I could make cards! When we got home, she had the table all set up for me.
This is from a card kit she bought for me. It makes 8 card and envelopes and it even has a picture of what the card should look like (over on the left hand side, sitting on the envelope)! I liked this kit cuz I could just create my card and it was so easy...too easy I guess, cuz when my little brother saw it, he wanted to make a card too!

Grandma had to help him a lot...he didn't even know how to unpeel the tape!

Here are our finished cards.
Did you notice that I have more supplies? My grandma gave me some more art supplies and my Mom had some of these boxes just like at my Grandmas. Grandma printed out what is in them for me. We slid the labels down these little slots!

Did you know I am learning to read now!  I can read some of the words on these labels. I can copy from the board now too! When I learn to read and to write I am going to write a book about ponies! Maybe I could make the cover of my book myself from one of my pony cards.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

WOYWW # 168

I got a new art table...I have one in the kitchen...but I have to share it with my little brother...

My Mum got me this little table just for me! I have a little pink bag with my very own art supplies now. I can keep it in my room and it is safe!
Here is my table...it has room for a friend too. If you look really close, you will see the finished horse mosaic I made...Those are my pencils in that furry horse pouch on the right.
I am going to get my Daddy to fix my table as there is a little crack on the top and if I colour my images on that side, the pens get stuck! My Dad is good at fixing things.

I think you all know that I love horses...you may not realize just how much. I thought I would show you the rest of my room...then you might understand. Here is a picture of my quilt and pillow...it has a ponies, jumps and ribbons on it.
 Maybe you can see it better here...
This is where my ponies live.
The bigger ones live over here by my windows.
Here is a picture of the top of the bins you just looked at...my really tiny ponies live there.

Oh...I almost forgot to show you my card. Bet you can't guess what it is!!!

If you want to see more busy workdesks, stop by Julia at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.ca/ and check out all the other desks! Be sure to leave Julia some blog hugs too.

I am entering this card in the following challenges
1. Simon Says Stamp Kids Challenge http://simonsaysstampschallenge.blogspot.co.uk  anything goes
2. A Gem of a Challenge   http://pinkgemchallengeblog.blogspot.ca/  animals or teddies
3. Crafty Catz Challenge http://craftycatzweeklychallenge.blogspot.ca/ animals
4.Pixie's Crafty Workshop http://pixiescraftyworkshop.blogspot.ca use snippets, in the pink (Everything on my card is from the white drawers at my Grandmas)

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

WOYWW #165

Hi, I'm Little Miss C. and I want to show you where I crafted today. I  made some thank you cards for my Pony Fund.
I don't have a desk so my picture is of the kitchen table  I do have an art table but my little brother is only 4 and he isn't always careful about washing his hands before touching my cards. I think the table is safer for now. Safer for me anyways.
So here is a picture of my cards. If it looks familiar it is because my Grandma is Scrappymo! and she put it on her blog today too
Here is a picture of how I make my cards. Cuz I am only 6 (well, almost), my Grandma helps me. She puts a little pencil mark on my cards where sh thinks my stickers should go. She gave me all the cards and the sheets of 3D stickers to make these. She got them from these white drawers in her scrapbook room...they are full of things to make cards.
Here is a picture of a card that she has marked for me.

Then I take the sticker (sometimes I use tweezers to do this part) and I stick it down to the card.

Sort of like this...
Here are some closeups of the cards I made today.
This little watering can is a thank you card for someone who watered the plants while we were on our vacation last week.
Here are some more...this next one has 2 butterflies. I love butterflies...did you know a butterfly landed on my hand last summer...flew away and then flew back and landed again...I was so lucky.

Here you can see how my stickers have lots of layers and some sparkles too.
I love sparkles!
Hope you liked your visit. Go to Julia   http://stamping-ground.blogspot.ca/
to see more desktops. And cards.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

My First Post and My First Card

Hi there!
I am little Miss C...I am known as The Pony Girl.
I love horses and art. I can't show you a picture of me cuz my Mum doesn't let me put my picture on the internet.  I am in Kindergarten and I just learned how to colour inside the lines. I wanted my own blog, just like my Grandma, Scrappymo!
Because I am too young to have my own blog, (or to type) my Grandma will actually own this blog but I will show you all my art and cards. I will tell her what to say and I  hope I will make some friends here.

 I am five and a half...well, actually, almost a half. I can colour pretty good but I don't know how to shade yet...I have to be 6 to take the course:(
So far I use my Grandmas's copic pens. I like them, they sort of blend...I can even press down on the blender and kind of make my ponies into Appaloosa's.

Here are some images I coloured this week. It took three hours...It is a lot or work!
I think I did the horses really good but I went over the lines on the ropes. My Grandma took them home and fussy cut them so you can't see my rope mistakes.

 I think they are cute and today I made them into cards. My Grandma helped but I cut the die cuts out with her wheely machine. The are diamonds on the handle! I did all the glue tape but it is hard to peel off.
My grandpa gave me five dollars to buy one of them.  I am saving it to buy my own horse. I will show you his card another time. I just wanted to tell you about selling my first card!!! .

I want to put my cards into some games Grandma goes into. You can win things...maybe I can win some fussy cut scissors or my own pens!!! My Mum says go for it!

Here is my first card ever, it is my favourite. I like the pony in the field with the blue sky. I put chalk on the little clouds and stuck them on with funny  tweezers. I chalked the sun rays and the grass field too. I didn't have to use those tweezers to stick it down though. I didn't even have to use the sticky tape...That grass was already a sticky piece of paper that I cut on the diamond handle machine. I just peeled the whole back off the grass and pushed it down with both hands!

I have to go and put my money away now, and then go to sleep. I am sleeping over at my Grandma's house so I could get her to show me how to finish my cards. 

I am entering my first card in the following challenges:

1. Penny Black And More  http://pennyblackatallsorts.blogspot.ca/  -  Springtime - (I start to ride my Uncle's pony in the spring because that is when the horse shows start. I used a Penny Black stamp (minding Sheltie) and the colours of my card remind me of Spring).
2. 2Sisters Challenge http://2sisterschallengeblog.blogspot.ca/ - Challenge #84 Spring is in the air - I start to ride my Uncle's pony in the spring because that is when the horse shows start. The colours of my card remind me of Spring)
3. CMC CopicChallenge Group .http://scrapbitzcopics.ning.com/group/cmccopicchallengegroup -# 39 Anything Goes - I used copics to colour...I don't know how to shade yet though!
4. Crafter Cafe Kids Challenge http://thestampingboutique.ning.com/forum/topics/march-kids-challenge - Spring - Spring is in the air - I start to ride my Uncle's pony in the spring because that is when the horse shows start. The colours of my card remind me of Spring)
5. Sweet StampinChallenge  http://sweetstampinchallengeblog.blogspot.ca/ - Anything goes - I used a stamped Penny Black image (minding Sheltie)
6. Gingerloft Challenge http://www.gingerloftchallenge.blogspot.ca/ - Challenge # GL36- Birthday - My card is a birthday card
7.Opus Gluei  http://opus-gluei.blogspot.ca/ Animals - My horsie is an animal!
8. Robyn's Fetish Challenge  http://robynsfetishchallengeblog.blogspot.ca/  - Kids Cards - My card could be for a kids birthday...especially if the kids likes ponies. 
9. That Craft Place Challenge http://thatcraftplaceblog.blogspot.ca/ - Anything Goes-
10. Little Hands Challenge http://littlehandschallengeblog.blogspot.ca/- Challenge #10 Animal Prints (My horsie is an animal)