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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I didn't forget you! I promise! WOYWW 179

It has been over a  month since I showed you a card. My grandma had to get an operation and so I did not have anyone to type my posts. This card has been sitting on my desk waiting for my Grandma to get better so she could type my post.

I am reading some words now. Mostly words with three letters! I can read a simple book to my Mum now at bedtime...but she still reads me my books with long words that are all about horses.

I did make some cards. I just couldn't show you till now.
Here is my first Christmas card ever. My Grandma does not have any horse Christmas stamps so this was the closest I could get. I love this little reindeer! It was fun to colour but there were lots of tiny areas that were hard. There is a pretty, lacey, kraft lattice piece behind my reindeer. You can just see the edges of it.

My grandma showed me how to tie some twine around my card mat before I glued it down. I stuck glue of the back to keep the twine in place. It was hard to tie...I needed an extra hand so I used my Grandma's finger to hold it in the middle. If she hadn't been over, I would have had to use my brothers finger. YIKES!!!
I can tie a knot but I am still learning to tie a bow.

I am going to give this card to someone special in my family that I love very much.  I want to make more of these cards. I have coloured more of the reindeer images but I don't have any red or green cards to put it on till my Grandma comes to walk me to school next week. It will have been 6 weeks since we made cards and she walked me up the hill. For the next few weeks my Grandpa is going to come with her and he will walk me up the hill. I think he doesn't want her to slip on the leaves.

If you want to see more desks, visit Julie at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.ca/


  1. Hi Little Miss C! Your very first Christmas card is fabulous! I love the reindeer and you've coloured him perfectly.The twine looks lovely too.....just right! I bet the person receiving this card will love it very much....you've done a fab job! Well done!
    Hugs Jo x

  2. Oh sweetie, this is the nicest card.......reindeer are really Christmas horses huh. Bet you missed crafting time while grandma was recovering, very happy to see you again!!

  3. Oh that is such a lovely card - enjoy your crafting now that your Grandma is feeling better, make sure you look after her! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 54

  4. Happy WOYWW. Lovely to have you back. Your very first Xmas card is wonderful. Your colouring is very neat. I have not seen a Xmas horse stamp, but if I find something I will tell you about it. Glad that Grandma is crafting with you again. Ali x #63

  5. Dear Miss C, I am so glad your grandma is feeling better. I think your card is very pretty!! I hope you get to make more cards with your Grandma.
    Karen 113

  6. Absolutely adorable Pony Girl and the closest thing to a pony. That special person with be extra special getting this card. BJ BJ#30

  7. Your card is super cool with rudolph on it!

  8. Love that card, you've coloured the reindeer beautifully! I bet you're happy Grandma is feeling better and is crafting with you again.

    Brenda No3

  9. Hi Little miss C your card is soo cute you have coloured the reindeer beautifully and well done with making your very first Christmas card!

    Love From Rebecca xx

  10. So very cute. Love this image maybe one day I could borrow it. Hope you are enjoying your new hobby!


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