Hi! I'm little Miss C.
I am only 6 years old, so this is actually my Grandma's blog and she types my posts for me as I can't spell or type yet. I love art and horses. And ballet! Mostly horses though!!!

Saturday 30 November 2013

Another Horse Card

Hi! I am seven now! I am still making horse cards but my Grandma needs to take the pictures and put them on my blog... 

Here is another horse card with a fence too. My Grandma has drawers full of cut out stuff that I am allowed to use. This fence was in there. My Aunt's horses have wooden fences around their paddocks too. I think she will like this! 

This card was fast to make cuz Grandma's box of cards even has some cards with stuff already on them. The swirly and the dragonflies were already on this card. I put my little hedgehog right on the end of that swirl. The horse and the hedgie are a Penny Black rubber stamp.
I had to add the fence inside this card cuz the words were wet and I made a smear on the top! My Grandma says there are no mistakes that can't be fixed so she told me just put something over it!

I am entering this card in the following challenges:

Pixies Crafty Workshop - must use snippets.  The horse image and the clouds are from snippets.

Saturday 6 July 2013


I went to visit my Grandma, Scrappymo at her RV. Grandpa was there too!  I love visiting there but we have to drive a really long time in the car to get there. If we leave right after lunch, we can get there for dinner!

I like it best if Mum stops at the Kamloops Wildlife Park for a break. They have a really old grizzy bear there...he looks sad and a bit lonely. I like to see him and all the other animals. The Birds of Prey Show is really good too.

My little brother likes to go on the train at that Wildlife Park. Did I tell you he is 5 years old now!
The train goes past every animal. It is nice to take the train cuz it gets really, really hot there. Sometimes it feels like an oven door is open!!! The train conductor lets all the kids ring the bell!  My brother loves that part.

I made some cards at the trailer.  My Grandma told me she goes in a challenge when she makes a card with snippets...Grandma says that means making a card with scraps of stuff she already owns...
I think this will be a good contest for me to go in all the time as I only use scraps of my Grandma's stuff. There aren't any stores at the trailer (well, maybe a grocery store and drug store) so we have to use her scraps.
I wonder if they ever give copic pens away for prizes. I am going to make lots of cards if they do!!!

Here is my card. I had the flower on upside down but I fixed it. Grandma showed me how to hold the flower with the tips of my scissors when I set it down. That way I can see what I am doing!. I kept saying pass the tweezers...ooops, I mean scissors:) I cut the pink ribbon paper myself with the fussy cut scissors my Grandma bought for me. They are yellow and they have a little pointy bit that covers the edge (so my brother won't get cut). I am only allowed to use them with Grandma or Mum. Did I tell you that I will be 7 in October? I will be in Grade 2 then.

I wanted to sell this card for my pony fund but Mum said I can't sell them all:(
I think this is a good card for Auntie...Glamour Girl.. Her house is fancy like this card so I am going to show it to her!

I am entering this card in the following challenge
Pixie's Crafty Snippets  - must use snippets. My snippet was the long pink border. I had to cut both ends  to get the edges the same so it would be the same at each side. There is even enough left to make another card!

Monday 4 February 2013

My first fussy cut

Ta Da


Another Pony

I have my favourite pony card ever, to show you.
I made it in dark colours so it could be a birthday card for a boy or even for a man.
My Grandma had to fussy cut it out for me cuz that rope is really hard to colour and I went over the edge again. Whoops! I coloured 6 ponies and she cut them all out for me!

The best part of making this card is that my Grandpa bought it from me as soon as he saw it. YAY!

Here is the inside.

I inked the edges of the inside verse with chalk ink. I think I like to use real chalk better..It is easier to wash off your hands. Hey...I can see my Grandma's shadow over part of the verse...lol

Sunday 23 December 2012

My brothers card

My little brother made another card. I don't who it is for cuz he won't tell me! He took one of Grandma's matchbox cards and added a Penny Black stickeroo. That is such a funny word!

Grandma showed him how to stick one corner and pivot (that's another funny word).  It was too hard for him so Grandma stuck the corner and he pivoted it into place. He did good at that! Grandma showed him how to put the words on the snowflake. She punches words out for us and leaves them in my embellishment black bin.

My brother likes his card...I think cuz he likes penguins!. We have a good movie about them.

He is entering this card in the following challenges:
1. Penny Black Saturday Challenge - Glitter and sparkle If you look really closely, the red snowflake is glitter embossed and the image is a PB stickeroo
2.Simon Says Stamp - anything Christmassy
3.Marks Finest Papers Friends of Speedy TV #51 - Happy Holidays
4. Marks Finest Papers Sketch with a Twist Challenge - # 25 Make a Christmas / Holiday card using the sketch

And We're Dashing Again!

I made one more card of that pretty horse drawn sleigh image. This one is for my Great Grandma. She is 87 years old so maybe she rode in a horse drawn sleigh once upon a time. And she lived happily ever after 'cuz she had a horse farm and raised horses. Lots of horses!

I know she will like this card because a horse card would be her second choice after a Baby Jesus card. I hope I get a Baby Jesus stamp in my stocking for Christmas...I asked Santa for card making supplies.

Two boys in my class don't believe in Santa. I told my little brother and we decided that he is real. He always brings us presents so he must be real. I do think maybe is he doesn't have real bones so that he can fit down the chimneys. When he fits down there, I hope he has some new stamps for me and some new copic pens.  Sometimes I don't have enough colours and then I have to wait to finish my image till Grandma comes over with hers.

Here is my card. I did not have to colour this one at all, just chalk the edges. I used something new in this card. My Grandma calls it a border strip. It looks like wax paper but feels like glass. It is the shimmery strip of handwriting under my red ribbon. Do you know how to read handwriting yet? I am not sure what it says because I am still learning to sound out words that are printed. I can read now if the words aren't too hard...if they are I try to sound them out. Some words are really hard though.

I think when you are really old you get to learn handwriting cuz my Mum knows how.

Here is the card for my Great Grandma. I put lots of bling on it so she could see it.l.
My Grandma helped me stamp the inside. The images don't matter if they are crooked cuz you just make sure the die cut is on straight and then it is OK. But the inside of the card is scary...it is so hard to get it straight. She put it where it should go and I pressed it down.

I am putting my card in the following challenges:
1. Pixies Crafty Workshop - Everything on this card is from the snippet bins except the stamp! Even the card base is really old.
2.Simon Says Stamp - Anything Christmassy
3.One Stop Craft Challenge  - A Christmas Carol, Mine is Jingle Bells
4. Penny Black and More at Allsorts  - It's Your Choice, I have my fingers crossed for this one cuz I love the Penny Black stamps, I only have 2 and I love them! I hope I win some of their stamps! They even have some horse stamps too!
5. Marks Finest Papers Friends of Speedy TV - Happy Holidays

Saturday 22 December 2012

Dashing Through The Snow

I made a Christmas card for my aunt. She loves horses even more that I do! My Grandma says that my aunt is the original Pony Girl!  Her whole house is decorated in an equestrian theme. I love her house and all her horses. 

She has lots of horses to ride. She is a 3 Day Event Rider but it is very hard to find a horse stamp for that.
My Grandma found this horse drawn sleigh instead and I hope she will like it. I had to keep this card quite flat. as it had to be mailed.

I stamped it onto a snippet of  apple greencard stock from my Grandma's scrap bins. The best part was chalking the edges, I love that part! I stamped it all by myself. I had to press really hard all over the stamp. I had to do it twice cuz the first one was smudgy in the middle. It is easier to stamp outlines of images!

Card - Ivory card and envelope package from Dollarama, My Mum bought them for me
Card Stock - Brown shimmery card stock - Grandma's snippet bin
                   - Apple green card stock from Grandma's snippet bin
                   -  Ivory shimmer card stock from Grandma's snippet bin    
Bling - red diamonds from Dollarama
Die - Spellbinders Fleur de Lis  Squares
Stamp - not sure right now, I will update later

I am entering this stamp into the following challenges:
1. Pixies Crafty Workshop - I used snippets from my Grandma's bins
2. Simon Says Stamp - Anything Christmassy
3. Crafty Boots Challenge - Christmas
4. One Stop Craft Challenge - A Christmas Carol - Jingle bells
5. Penny Black and More at Allsorts - It's your choice
6. Marks Finest Papers, Friends of Speedy TV - Happy Holiday, I think my card is for a happy holiday cuz I am always happy when I see a horse, especially at the Christmas holidays.